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August 2-5, 2014 - "Network Forensics: Black Hat Release" at Black Hat USA in Las Vegas, NV (Sherri Davidoff and Jonathan Ham) Space is limited, so register today!
August 7-10, 2014 - Join us at DEF CON 22 and play our annual Network Forensics Puzzle Contest.
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As authors, instructors, and researchers, we enjoy writing and speaking. Here you will find a collection of whitepapers and presentation slides. We will be adding more during the next few months; check back often for updates.

Title Description
Security Questions & Answers for Law Firms

Eleven questions asked and answered in this white paper:

  1. Our staff would like to exchange files with outside parties using a web service. Is this safe?
  2. How can we send and receive encrypted emails?
  3. Our staff has mobile devices such as laptops, Blackberries, and iPads. How we keep confidential information on these devices secure?
  4. We have a document repository on our company network. How can we make this secure so that we are in compliance with regulations such as HIPAA?
  5. How can our staff remotely access the applications and data on our internal network?
  6. How can we dispose of hard drives and other electronic storage safely?
  7. What is a penetration test?
  8. What is a vulnerability assessment?
  9. What is the difference between a penetration test and a vulnerability assessment?
  10. What is an architecture review?
  11. What is a policy/procedure gap analysis?