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Cell PhoneForensics

A phone may seem small on the outside, but inside, it’s loaded with important evidence that can make or break a case. Collect that evidence with LMG’s cell phone forensics services.


It takes special skill and equipment to extract evidence from cell phones. LMG’s forensic laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art cell phone forensics hardware, plus a Faraday cage to ensure that cell phones are protected during the examination. Our team is trained in the art of following “mobile” digital trails. LMG’s team of forensic experts can recover evidence including:

Text messages

Call history

GPS location data


Deleted texts and pictures

Verifiable Chronological Evidence Accounting

Knowing what was communicated is only half the battle in building a case that includes mobile digital evidence. You also need to provide an irrefutable account of the ‘when’ and the sequence in which activities took place. It’s all part of our standard operating procedure at LMG.

Simple, Clear, Laymen-Level Explanation

LMG translates the evidence gathered from cell phones into terms and a timeline any person can understand.


Evidence harvested off of hard drives doesn’t have to be hard for a jury to understand. In every case, LMG translates the evidence gathered from hard drives into terms that any person canĀ UNDERSTAND.


LMG gets the hardest to get digital evidence and then translates and formats it so judges and juries
get it, too

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LMG Forensics: Hard to Get, Easy to Understand