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Continuing Legal Education

Learn about cybersecurity and get your CLE credits at the same time. LMG produces fun, engaging seminars that will give you the background you need in cybersecurity and e-discovery.

LMG's CLE Topics include:

Digital Evidence Preservation
Protecting Your Clients' Data
HIPAA/HITECH Security for Attorneys
The Ethics of Email Encryption
Mobile Device Security
Cybersecurity in the Cloud

How to Properly Preserve
Digital Evidence

Digital evidence can make or break a case– but you or your client can accidentally destroy, overwrite, or spoil it without realizing. How can you quickly identify digital evidence that may be useful in your cases, and ensure that it is properly preserved?

We’ll discuss how evidence from desktops, laptops, cell phones, and even “the cloud” can be preserved, and why time is of the essence. Finally, we’ll review common mistakes that attorneys and clients make, and show how you can preserve electronic evidence easily and effectively.

How Attorneys Get Hacked
(and What You Can Do About It)

Professional hackers around the world are targeting YOU in attempts to gain access to personal details, client information, financial accounts, and other valuable data. How much is your confidential data worth on the black market, and how do attackers get access to it? We’ll show you how attackers break into your computer, with screenshots and videos of a real attack. Finally, we’ll run through the most important building blocks of a strong cybersecurity program. Learn how to effectively defend against cybercriminals so that you can protect yourself and your clients.

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