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Discovery of electronic records and evidence has become an integral part of both civil and criminal litigation. LMG consultants are experts in e-discovery request, production and analysis.

Craft and Respond to Digital E-Discovery Requests

There’s both an art and a science to the practice of e-discovery. One small misunderstanding resulting from a improperly or inaccurately articulated request can result in either too much or too little information being shared. Make sure your e-discovery is done right, from the start. LMG’s experts can help you:

Respond to e-discovery requests

Craft e-discovery requests

Find and deliver data

Present electronic evidence in court with confidence

Digital Forensics Case Strategy

Digital evidence can make or break a case. Cell phones, laptops, desktops and network equipment can contain critical evidence that other attorneys may not even know about.

LMG’s high-tech experts will show you what digital evidence may exist for your unique case, and help you develop a plan for getting it.

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