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Expert Witness

LMG’s certified and internationally recognized professionals will testify in your case. As published authors and instructors, we help set the standards for the industry. We’re proud to be world-class leaders in forensic investigation.

We Know What We're Talking About

LMG consultants are internationally recognized authors and teachers. Our credentials include:

  • Authors of the forensics textbook, Network Forensics (Prentice Hall, 2012);
  • Recognized IT security certifications, such as the GCFA,  GPEN, and GWAPT;
  • Instructors at highly competitive security training venues  such as the Black Hat Technical Security Conference and  the SANS Institute;
  • Respected speakers and published authors on the topics  of information security and digital forensics;
  • Among the most widely recognized and highly qualified  professionals in the industry.

Others Understand What We're Talking About...

Civil disputes and criminal cases are first ‘tried’ not in a court but between legal adversaries. One side tries to convince the other that they have the advantage with compelling evidence that’s clearly presented. At LMG, we understand this, which is why we make ourselves available, at our client’s request, to not only testify in court but support your team in along the way.

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LMG: We Make Your Hard-to-Get Evidence Easy to Understand.