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GDPR Assessment

Does your organization collect or process personal data of European Union residents? If so, you might be subject to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR applies to the personal data of individuals within the EU as well as personal data exported outside of the EU, requiring compliance from organizations both within and outside the European Union. Even if your organization is not based in the EU, you could still face serious fines and other penalties for failing to comply with GDPR.  Enforcement begins May 25, 2018.

LMG provides a variety of services aimed at helping clients with GDPR compliance, from detailed assessments to DPIA services and implementation roadmaps. 


benefits of the GDPR Assessment include:

Greater Data Security

Improved Data Accuracy

Increased Consumer Confidence

Boosted Organizational Efficiency

Expert Insights

LMG will provide management with insights that illustrate your organization’s compliance posture, allowing you to address strengths and weaknesses immediately.

Controls Selection

LMG works with your IT staff and management to select the technical controls that make sense for your organization, and develop a realistic implementation plan.


LMG consultants carefully evaluate your compliance with selected GDPR guidelines and provide you with a detailed professional report. LMG can also provide a DPIA report with findings and recommendations to reduce any identified risks.


LMG’s experienced consultants work alongside your team to develop implementation strategies and provide you with a roadmap for long-term cybersecurity planning.

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