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Hard DriveForensics

Today’s desktop and laptop hard drives can contain terabytes of data. Add to that external hard drives, USB thumb drives and SD cards, and that means more places for critical evidence to hide.

We Leave No Digital Stone Unturned

The more critical the evidence, the more likely someone will try to hide it, delete it, compromise or disguise it. We know all the tricks and techniques for recovering your hard-to-get digital evidence, including:



Deleted Files

Instant Messages

Web Surfing History


Timeline of Computer Activity


Evidence harvested off of hard drives doesn’t have to be hard for a jury to understand. In every case, LMG translates the evidence gathered from hard drives into terms that any person can understand.


LMG gets the hardest to get digital evidence and then translates and formats it so judges and juries get it, too

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LMG: We Make Your Hard-to-Get Evidence Easy to Understand.