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A Passion for Nothing

In the world of cybersecurity, “nothing” means: no viruses, malware, breaches, files stolen, emails pilfered, confidential information compromised, fines or penalties for failure to comply with regulations. Our personal commitment to preventing hackers from compromising the networks of our clients is reflected in all that we do.

Nothing makes us prouder than when absolutely nothing happens.

Penetration tests

Can hackers break into your network or mobile devices? LMG will test your systems, so you can sleep at night.

Web Assessments

Identify flaws before hackers do. LMG conducts comprehensive web application assessments.

Social EngineeringTests

Safely and effectively train your staff to resist phishing attacks and phone scams.

Mobile ApplicationTests

Mobile applications store the keys to your bank accounts, email and cloud apps. Make sure they’re secure.

Vulnerability Scans

A good day in cybersecurity is when nothing happens. We help you achieve nothing.

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