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mobile application tests

Mobile applications store the keys to your bank accounts, email, and cloud apps. Employees and customers carry around phones which contain financial details, health information, and much more. Airports, hotels, and coffee shops are just a few of the many locations where business is conducted every day.

Security in your Pocket

LMG's mobile application assessments include:

Android, iPhone, Windows platforms

Forensic analysis of local data stored on the device

Application server vulnerability testing

Security review of the device operating system

Dynamic analysis, including: Authentication / Authorization Bypass, URL Manipulation, Input Validation, Cookie Modification, …and more.

SMS testing, if applicable

Proxied network traffic assessment (device network configuration permitting)

Examination of accessible configuration files for debugging statements, encryption keys, and other sensitive information

Identification of unencrypted data stored in cache files, local databases, and other areas

Proof of LMG's Commitment
to Total 'Mobile Device' Security

LMG’s researchers created the world’s first proof-of-concept cellular intrusion detection system, which enables enterprise security professionals to detect hacked smartphones cheaply and effectively, even in BYOD environments. Hacked smartphones can record surrounding audio, intercept text messages, capture location and application data, and send all that stolen information back to an attacker.

LMG’s bleeding-edge research demonstrated how mobile malware can be detected and even remotely disabled using low-cost network traffic inspection.

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