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Mission Statement

LMG is dedicated to providing our clients and community with excellent cybersecurity services and training, while promoting the health and happiness of our staff and the world.

Core Values

  • 1. Provide excellent service to our clients in a compassionate, professional and reliable manner, with a sense of urgency. We are willing to go to great lengths, within the client’s budget, to get the best possible outcome!
  • 2. Clearly and candidly communicate, in a timely manner, with each of our clients.
  • 3. Carry out our work and our relationships with honesty and integrity, with our clients’ best interests in mind. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.
  • 4. Empower our clients by giving them the tools and underlying knowledge they need to make good decisions based upon our work in the long term.
  • 5. Provide a positive work environment, where:
    •    a. Staff treat each other with courtesy and respect;
    •    b. Collaboration, teamwork and innovation are encouraged;
    •    c. We strive to develop and encourage individual strengths and achievements;
    •    d. Effective communication among us is essential;
    •    e. Continuing education, training, resources and technology are provided to employees to encourage and assist every employee to reach their greatest potential.
  •  6. Recognize exceptional effort, achievements, and productivity of our staff.
  • 7. Give back to society by making exceptionally high levels of service accessible to small or underserved organizations, through pro bono/subsidized efforts, by giving back to the open-source and security communities, and through involvement in local charities.
  • 8. Support the environment through recycling, “green” technology programs, and more.
  • 9. Foster an environment that encourages our team members to achieve life balance.
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