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web Securityassessments

Can hackers break into your web site? Protect your data and your reputation. LMG conducts comprehensive web application assessments designed to identify flaws before hackers do.

LMG test your web application using cutting-edge
hacker techniques.

Unlike other firms, we don’t just run automated scans. We always test your web applications manually as well, using advanced techniques that require expertise beyond most attackers’ capabilities. Make sure you find your web site’s vulnerabilities– before attackers do.

Our comprehensive tests include checks for:

Cross-site scripting

Input Validation

Buffer overflow attacks

Code Execution

Hidden Variable Manipulation

URL Manipulation

SQL injection

Authentication / Authorization Bypass

Session hijacking

Cookie Modification

Virus Detection

...and more.

Our Reports
You'll receive a professional report with:

  • Clear, easy-to-understand executive summary
  • Detailed technical findings suitable for your IT staff
  • In-depth information regarding exploitation so that you can reproduce each issue and remediate the underlying problem
  • Raw vulnerability scanner results, if desired
  • Risk ratings, description of impact and recommendations
  • Prioritized remediation matrix

We are always happy to customize reports and deliverables to suit your needs!

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